Comprehensive Calibration Services: Ensuring Precision and Accuracy

Our Comprehensive calibration services encompass a wide range of precision measurement adjustments and verification processes, ensuring that various instruments and equipment consistently meet specified standards and performance criteria.


Our capabilities allow us to respond to the diverse mechanical calibration which covers Sub-Parameters Weighing Balance & Mass; Torque, Force, Vibration, Acoustics, Acceleration and Speed Calibration under Mechanical.

Calibration of Weighing Balance & Scales

Calibration of Mass & Weights

Calibration of Sound Level Meter


Dimension Calibration services, including Tool Calibration and Gauge Calibration services, are performed to evaluate and adjust instruments in order to maintain accurate measurement.

Calibration of Vernier Caliper

Calibration of External Micrometer

Calibration of Depth Micrometer


Our Calibration Lab provides accredited calibration services of pressure and vacuum measuring equipment, probes, valves and gauges.

Calibration of Hydraulic Pressure Gauge

Calibration of Pneumatic Pressure Gauge

Calibration of Vacuum Pressure Gauge


Our Electro Technical Metrology utilizes multi-product calibrator (MPC) & 8.5 Digital Multimeter (DMM) to perform Calibration of Source and Measure parameters.

Calibration of AC High Voltage

Calibration of AC current

Calibration of AC voltage


Our Thermal Calibration lab is designed and constructed to calibrate the Thermal Equipment’s like Sensors, Autoclave, and Chambers for Temperature and Humidity parameter.

Calibration of RTD Sensor

Calibration of Thermocouple

Calibration of Humidity Sensor with Indicator

Fluid Flow

Our Fluid flow metrology calibration services bear the mark of excellence in calibrating Velocity meter, Airflow meter, Water meter, Diesel Flowmeter, Oil meter etc. with highest level of accuracy and quality deliverables.

Calibration of Airflow meter

Calibration of Mass flow meter

Calibration of Electro Magnetic Flowmeter


Our scope of Optical metrology calibration like Light meters & Luxmeter, Radiation meter, Total Station etc calibrate with the highest level of Precision.

Calibration of Luxmeter

Calibration of Light meter

Calibration of Radiation Survery Monitor

Gas Detector / Gas Analyzer

We are highly recognised and expertise in the field of gas detection calibration. We calibrate all types of brands of Gas detector / Gas Meters / Analyzers, Multi-Gas detectors, Flue Gas analyzers & Stack Emission analyzer etc.

Calibration of Portable Gas Detector

Calibration of Fixed Gas Detector

Calibration of Gas Analyzer

Medical Devices

AGG LAB carry out the precision & accurate calibration for medical devices & equipment’s to ensure the accuracy and measurement of medical system used in healthcare facilities.

Calibration of Blood Pressure Machine

Calibration of ECG Machine

Calibration of Oxygen Concentration







AGG LABS The Centre of Excellence

AGG LAB- “THE CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE” is India’s Largest integrated and premier Calibration Laboratory accordance with ISO 9001:2015 UKAS certified for Quality Management System and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 NABL & QCS accredited for Calibration activities.

AGG LAB - "The Centre of Excellence" being an all-in-one integrated calibration laboratory with our expertise and patron-focused approach, offering our Valued Customer for calibration services in Mechanical, Dimensional, Thermal, Optical, Electro Technical, Medical & Gas Detector & Analyzer discipline. The only Laboratory with One Roof Solutions for all your calibration needs.

Our Values

Safety & Team Work

Reliable Calibration Solutions for Every Industry

In any industry, precision is paramount. That's why we AGG offer one stop calibration solutions to meet your specific needs.Trust us for reliable calibration solutions tailored to your industry. Precision, compliance, and peace of mind are just a call away.

Years of Experience in India

Stay compliant with industry regulations and standards, ensuring quality and safety.

Trained and certified technicians

Our expert technicians guarantee accurate calibrations, backed by traceability to national standards.

Years of Experience in India

We maintain a rigorous quality management system, adhering to ISO 17025 standards.

Mapping & Calibration Reports

Receive comprehensive calibration certificates and reports for your records and audits.

Delve into Our Recent Calibrated Case Studies

  • Flowmeter

    AGG calibration team performed an on-site calibration of the magnetic flowmeters.

  • Mechanical – Torque Wrenches

    Calibrated the torque wrenches using a torque calibration system

  • Lux Meter

    Calibrated and tested against a standard light source and adjusted for any deviations.

  • Dimension

    For aerospace company using vernier calipers to measure critical dimensions on aircraft components.

  • Electro-Technical

    Calibrated measurement instruments used in power grid monitoring and control.


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  • We would like to tell you that we are using the AMC & Calibration Services for our different types and models of Portable Multigas & Fixed Gas ...

    - British Petroleum

  • We are satisfied with the Calibration & Maintenance services provided as per scope of work by M/s. AGG Lifesciences and Safety Solutions LLP.

    - Nayara Energy Limited

  • Very Good Support for Calibration and Services & Remarkable Engineering support from AGG Expertise.

    - Larsen & Toubro Construction

  • One of the best calibration lab with excellent technical support. Customer service is really good. Workmanship and Customer focus are upto the mark.

    - Tata Consultancy Services

  • Well Equipped Calibration Lab with availability of both offsite and on-site equipment calibration as per our requirement at reasonable price ...

    - Trident Hotels

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We are the PAN India services. Supporting in 28+ Cities

AGG LAB calibration service provide with a PAN India presence which have calibration engineers strategically located in multiple cities or regions across the country to serve a wide range of clients and industries to maintain quality, accuracy, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.