Case Studies



A municipal water treatment plant used magnetic flowmeters to monitor the flow of treated water. Inaccurate flow measurements led to improper dosing of chemicals for water treatment, resulting in water quality issues and increased operating costs.

AGG calibration team performed an on-site calibration of the magnetic flowmeters. They identified that the electromagnetic coils in the flowmeter had degraded over time, causing measurement errors. After replacing the coils and recalibrating the flowmeters, the plant's water treatment process became more efficient, reducing chemical usage and ensuring water quality compliance.


Mechanical – Torque Wrenches

An automotive manufacturing facility was experiencing issues with assembly quality because torque wrenches used in the production line were not calibrated, resulting in inconsistent fastening.

AGG calibration specialist calibrated the torque wrenches using a torque calibration system. This ensured that each wrench applied the correct torque, leading to consistent and high-quality assembly of automotive components.


Lux Meter

Safety Compliance in Manufacturing:
A manufacturing facility must ensure that work areas meet safety standards regarding minimum illuminance levels. Accurate lux measurements are vital to compliance.

The lux meter was sent to a AGG calibration lab, where it's Calibrated and tested against a standard light source and adjusted for any deviations. After calibration, it is used to measure illuminance levels in various areas of the facility. The Compliance with safety regulations is confirmed, and the lux meter provides accurate data to demonstrate that workspaces meet the required safety standards.



In the aerospace industry, precision is of utmost importance. A case study could involve an aerospace company using vernier calipers to measure critical dimensions on aircraft components, such as turbine blades, engine parts, and fasteners. Any discrepancies in these measurements could lead to catastrophic failures, making the role of vernier calipers crucial in ensuring flight safety.



A power utility company needed to calibrate measurement instruments used in power grid monitoring and control.

They engaged with AGG lab for electro-technical calibration instruments like energy meters, power quality analyzers, and protection relays. Precise calibration ensured that the utility company could accurately measure and manage power distribution, improving efficiency and reliability in the electrical grid.