Calibration of Optical Service

AGG Lab- “The Centre of Excellence” is one of the foremost laboratories in the specialised field of Optical Metrology. Our experienced specialists execute the calibration services relating to optical metrology which are traceable to international/national measurement standards.

Optical Metrology scope & specialists includes:

  • Our Optical Metrology scope includes calibration of lux and light meters.
  • Our Optical Metrology Lab is equipped with a 3-meter test bench setup to cover the entire range of lux / light / illuminance meter calibration.
  • Our specialists are trained to calibrate lux / light meters up to 2 lakh lux by using advance and highly sophisticated V(λ) & cosine corrected photometers.
  • Available at our facility which enables us to provide you error free and precise results traceable to NMI/NML.

List of Instruments

Calibration of Luxmeter

Calibration of Light Meter

Calibration of Radiation Survery Monitor

Calibration of Illuminance Meter

Calibration of Distometer

Calibration of Total Station

Calibration of Topcon Auto Level

Calibration of Radar Monitor