Gas Detector & Analyzer

Calibration of Gas Detector / Gas Analyzer Service

Gas Detectors are one of the most common and important life safety devices for environment monitoring in confined spaces. It is widely being used in mining, oil and gas, pharma, sewer management, chemical, steel, metal, oil & gas refining and in various other industries as a major tool for the safety of the workforce as well as the property.

The readings in acceptable range obtained from such devices ensures the running of the production site. Hence, accurate and precise readings from such devices are always expected and to get accurate and precise readings, these devices need to be serviced and calibrated on time with precision and accuracy with minimal downtime.

At AGG Lab- “Centre of Excellence”, we understand the vitality of such environment monitoring devices and our dedicated and certified environment monitoring specialists service and calibrate these devices with absolute precision with the gases which are traceable to NIST/NPL/NMI as per ISO 17025:2017. We calibrate the Gas Detecting Devices as per IEC standard 60079-29 for combustibles and IEC 62290-2 for oxygen, toxic gases, and vapours and as well as our in-house developed methods which ensures your devices are working within specified manufacturer parameters. Our service is available across a wide range of instrument types and gases. We calibrate all types of portable as well as fixed detectors of all reputed manufacturers.

List of Instruments

Calibration of Portable Gas Detector

Calibration of Fixed Gas Detector

Calibration of Gas Analyzer

Calibration of Flue Gas Analyzer

Calibration of PUC analyzer

Calibration of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Calibration of Gas Chromatography

Calibration of FTIR

Calibration of TOC Analyzer

Calibration of Visible Spectrophotometer

Calibration of Dulcotest DT1 Photometer

Calibration of Coulometric

Calibration of Bomb Calorimeter